Our member profit in the following way of beeing a member of the ZQFA:

  • Staying in contact with your fellow students
  • Possibility of participation in interesting events in Zurich
  • Beeing part of the monthly bar meeting
  • Having access to our member database

Why we use Linkedin for registration

Linkedin is free to use.

In order to provide you with the most up to date information and to not lose touch because of changing email addresses we use Linkedin as the only way to become a member and keep track of you.

Therefore, if you don't yet have an account, please create a Linkedin account first.

Only for people associated with the Quantitative Finance program at UZH ETH

Please be aware that we check your association with the MSc Quantitative Finance program after sign up. You will be accepted as soon as your application is reviewed.

The year you started your studies officially in the program.