19:00 - 23:45


Linde Oberstrass: Zunfthaus und Bierbrauerei
Universitätstrasse 91, Zurich, 8006, ZH

We are very happy to invite all alumni, students and professors of our program to this festive dinner event at Linde Oberstrass. Apart from serving delicious food, they brew their own beer at the restaurant. You can find more details about the restaurant here.

The idea of this event is to once per year gather everyone, from near and far, and enjoy a wonderful evening and delicious dinner together. It will be the fourth time we organize this event and the second one at Linde Oberstrass, after two year ago event at the ETH Dozentenfoyer and the 2016 inaugural event at the uniTurm of University of Zurich.

We will meet at 7:00 pm and enjoy a nice seasonal three course dinner menu (a vegetarian option is available). There will be plenty of time for catching up with former class mates and other students from the program.

Attendance of the event will cost 27CHF for the vegi or 35CHF for the meat menu (drinks during the dinner will be charged separately).

To facilitate our planning we would kindly ask you to make you booking below choosing your dinner menu by 7 November, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Your ZQFA Team

List of Attendees

  • Antonello Cirulli
  • Federico Felician
  • Lorenzo Linardi
  • Daniel Partida
  • Patrick S. Walker
  • Denis Erilov
  • Tomas Kvasnicka
  • Richard Gramblicka
  • Ferdinand Langnickel
  • Pierluigi Vallarino
  • Antonio Polino
  • Akhilesh Mathur
  • Jan Tepina
  • Nikola Vasiljevic
  • Miha Kebe
  • Federico Pepe
  • Alice Thesling
  • Francesco Ferrari
  • Enea Monzio Compagnoni
  • Urban Ulrych
  • Lukas Faessler
  • Daria Filippova
  • Sayuli Drouard
  • Victor Lagomarsino
  • Melanie Treyer
  • Martin Stefanik
  • David Richard Haab
  • Linda Isabella Hain
  • Martynas Mazrimas
  • Jamil Bouallai
  • Daria Sakhanda
  • Roger Rueegg
  • adam takacs
  • Filip Sprusansky
  • Emil Ekblom
  • Silvia Forcina Barrero
  • Christoph Mueck
  • Aleksi Ranta-Pere
  • Sophia Gläser
  • Matej Privoznik
  • Michal Kobak
  • Florian Sutter
  • Jordan Seligmann
  • Thomas Weber
  • Kevin Smith
  • Zita Marossy
  • Aleksandr Tukallo


Bookings are closed for this event.