18:30 - 22:00


Rämistrasse 71, Zurich, 8006, ZH

We are very happy to invite you to the first ZQFA Meetup this year. It is our great pleasure to announce our guest speaker, Dr. Ming Deng, Quantitative Analyst at LGT Private Banking. In this meetup, our guest will guide us through his paper “Temporal Focus and Stock Price Reactions to Earnings Calls”.

Dr. Ming Deng – Quantitative Analyst (LGT Private Banking)
Temporal Focus and Stock Price Reactions to Earnings Calls
Abstract: Using machine-learning algorithms and a conventional rule-based approach, we develop a measure of temporal focus in earnings calls, “Future minus Past (FMP)”. In presentations, managers who emphasize the future appear to do so tactically, whereas their future focus in answers signals information. Consequently, stock prices respond negatively to FMP in presentations but positively in answers. Reactions to FMP are more favorable when future information is relevant and agency concerns are low. The stock price reactions align with analyst responses and changes in uncertainty. Overall, the context in which information is presented influences how investors and analysts interpret the same linguistic feature.

The event will be hosted at University of Zurich Zentrum, room KOL-G-217 and will be followed-up by some beers at bQm.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Your ZQFA-Team

List of Attendees

  • Antonello Cirulli
  • Agoston Györffy
  • Adrian Sulo Cravotta
  • Filip Sprusansky
  • Alejandro Angeli
  • Juraj Zelman
  • Tommaso Venturino
  • Matvey Andreev
  • Zhiyi Tang
  • Hüseyin Albay
  • Jennifer Suting Li
  • Lorenzo Linardi
  • Francesco Corsini
  • Aleksei Zakharov
  • Miroslav Zivanovic
  • Rutwik Pasani
  • Anna Adzic
  • Caspar Schoen
  • Federico Felician
  • Fabian Gothe
  • Bryson Schenck
  • Edoardo Cordola


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